Looking for help with health problems like hypothyroidism, Waukesha bioidentical hormones or HCG Diet / weight loss, from a physician you can trust?

Susan Riegg, MD is passionate about helping patients with health problems related to hormone imbalance, including weight gain problems and obesity.  She is a board certified Clinical and Anatomic Pathologist with 23 years of experience in medicine, laboratory science, and anatomic (surgical) pathology.  She is a leader in providing the latest in laboratory testing services, hormone balancing testing and therapy, weight loss programs, and general health and wellness services for patients in Southeastern Wisconsin.  You simply will not find anyone better for testing and treating bioidentical hormones and  hypothyroidism!

SECRETS OF GOOD HEALTH 300x240 HomeOur mission is to provide the highest level of personalized service to each of our patients. The hallmark of Dr. Riegg’s practice is providing laboratory testing and bio-identical hormone balancing services using compounded prescription creams, bio-identical medications, and nutritional supplements. These strategies are used to address symptoms of excessive stress and related health problems, menopause, andropause / low testosterone,  hypothyroidism, and and fibromyalgia (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue).  Dr. Riegg is also an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Hashimotos thyroid (autoimmune thyroiditis), a condition that frequently goes undiagnosed since the TSH lab test does not show abnormalities until late in the disease process.

Dr. Riegg is also the premier provider for the revolutionary hCG diet, which helps her patients lose dramatic amounts of weight in a very short period of time, in a safe, comfortable, sustainable fashion.

Dr. Riegg consults with patients at three locations in Southeastern Wisconsin:

Glendale bioidentical hormones: GreenSquare Center for the Healing Arts (click here for more information)

Pewaukee (Waukesha) bioidentical hormones: Transform Diet & Wellness Center (click here for more information)

Waukesha bioidentical hormones:  Offices of Dr. George Korkos, M.D. (click here for more information)

We invite you to meet with us and discuss your health needs. We think you will see why no other practice is as committed to helping you  feel your best, resolve your hormonal imbalances, and get you back on track to feeling amazingly energetic and living your best life!

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Fee Schedule for Susan J. Riegg MD Home

Fee Schedule for Susan J. Riegg MD


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