Looking for help with health problems like hypothyroidism, bioidentical hormones or HCG Diet / weight loss, from an MD you can trust?

Susan Riegg, MD is passionate about helping patients with health problems related to hormone imbalance, including weight gain problems and obesity.  She is a board certified Clinical and Anatomic Pathologist with 24 years of experience in medicine, laboratory science, and anatomic (surgical) pathology.  She is a leader in providing the latest in laboratory testing services, hormone balancing testing and therapy, weight loss programs, and general health and wellness services for patients in Southeastern Wisconsin.  You simply will not find anyone better for testing and treating bioidentical hormones and  hypothyroidism!

SECRETS OF GOOD HEALTH 300x240 HomeOur mission is to provide the highest level of personalized service to each of our patients. The hallmark of Dr. Riegg’s practice is providing laboratory testing and bio-identical hormone balancing services using compounded prescription creams, bio-identical medications, and nutritional supplements. These strategies are used to address symptoms of excessive stress and related health problems, menopause, andropause / low testosterone,  hypothyroidism, and and fibromyalgia (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue).  Dr. Riegg is also an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Hashimotos thyroid (autoimmune thyroiditis), a condition that frequently goes undiagnosed since the TSH lab test does not show abnormalities until late in the disease process.

Dr. Riegg is also the premier provider for the revolutionary hCG diet, which helps her patients lose dramatic amounts of weight in a very short period of time, in a safe, comfortable, sustainable fashion.

We invite you to meet with us and discuss your health needs. We think you will see why no other practice is as committed to helping you  feel your best, resolve your hormonal imbalances, and get you back on track to feeling amazingly energetic and living your best life!

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Video Transcript:

Are are you looking for help with hormone related symptoms? These symptoms could include weight gain, hypothyroidism, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, insomnia, low libido, memory changes….. the list goes on and on!

Hi, I’m doctor Susan Riegg, and I’m passionate about helping patients with their problems with hormone imbalances. I’m a board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist. I graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1990 , then did a five-year residency, getting board certified in both anatomic pathology & clinical pathology.   After that I spent years working in various pathology labs, mainly diagnosing cancer with a focus on the diagnosis of breast cancer.  In 2009, I left pathology practice and now I have my own small medical practice devoted to helping patients with testing their hormones, and pursuing various treatments.

The hallmark of my medical practice is really looking at the entire endocrine system, doing the lab testing for hormonal deficiencies and hormonal imbalances that can cause symptoms.   I like to look at the entire endocrine system; I really advocate for patientsto take a look at their sex hormones, their stress hormone, thyroid hormones way beyond just the TSH test. We really need to look at free t3, free t4, and TPO levels to make sure there is no Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis.  I also will look at insulin sensitivity, hemoglobin A1c, melatonin, and other  hormones.

I very closely follow the teachings and the writings at the great Dr. John R. Lee,MD. He is deceased now,  but he was a pioneer and an author. He wrote many, many scientific papers and books regarding the use of bioidentical hormones, particularly for women in perimenopause and menopause.   He wrote extensively and studied how bioidentical hormones are vastly superior to the use of synthetic hormones.   I follow his protocols and his writings very, very closely.

The process is fairly straightforward for patients who would like to get started. The first thing to do is to schedule an appointment. I like to get together with patients and discuss symptoms and their history. We like to do some laboratory testing; as far as the steroid hormones, which includes sex hormones and stress hormone cortisol, the gold standard is really to do saliva testing. These steroid hormones cannot be accurately tested and followed in blood. So for the steroid hormones, we will do saliva testing.

There are a number of labs that we like to do on blood, so all the thyroid labs, the vitamin D levels, inflammatory markers such as high-sensitivity c-reactive protein, hemoglobin a1c. All of those we can do on a blood spot test, which is a simple finger poke that we do right in the office.   We can do even more testing if we can get a venous blood draw, so if I do venous blood on you, we will also be looking at doing a CBC, which stands for a complete blood count, (we’ll look at your red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets) and make sure we’re not missing anything there. And we will also do a complete metabolic panel, and that will look at electrolytes which will really tell us if liver and kidney function is proper, and other metabolic functions going on.

There’s approximately a two-week turnaround time from the time that we obtain these specimens until the time we get these results, so about two weeks later I will have the patient come back in, or we might go over the results on the phone, but that will be almost a one hour appointment. We will go through all the results, we will correlate the lab results with the symptom profile, and then we will create an individualized and customized treatment protocol for that patient. This protocol usually includes bioidentical sex hormones, particularly progesterone, for perimenopausal and menopausal women women. Occasionally bioidentical estrogen and also bioidentical testosterone could be needed, and for these types of hormones, the best way to administer them is with a transdermal cream, not with pills. I can describe the reasons for that in a subsequent video but truly, for the sex hormones, the best way to give them is is through the skin.

Other medications is more proper to give with a capsule, and we are usually doing compounded capsules that are produced by an accredited PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy.   This would include things like compounded thyroid medications, or possibly adrenal medications. If adrenal stress is involved, and if that is detected on the saliva testing, then it’s very important that patients understand the need for lifestyle changes. When there are adrenal problems due to chronic stress, there’s not really a pill or a magic bullet that’s going to fix that, so we really have a long talk about normalizing the stress response by improving nutrition.   We want to talk about blood sugar regulation, exercise, sleep hygiene, stress management and stress reduction strategies, and soon.

As far as nutritional supplements, my personal preference is to try and keep the recommendations to a minimum.   I’m not trying to go out and convince patients to buy as many supplements as possible. For almost all of my patients, I’m recommending a baseline high quality multivitamin, and of course vitamin D, because vitamin D in not only a vitamin, but it’s also hormone. It’s extremely important to have proper levels of vitamin D.  Other optional things might include some nutritional adrenal support supplements, a probiotic; possibly some fish oil, depending on the patient’s situation.

The other part of my practice is helping patients with weight loss! My very favorite way to help patients lose weight is with HCG diet. This is a little bit of a controversial diet, but in my experience the safety profile is unprecedented, and it works fantastic.   It also helps with underlying hormone imbalances, so it reduces estrogen dominance, it reduces problems with insulin resistance; many of my patients have gotten off of pharmaceutical prescription medications, like antihypertensives, statins, and so on.

The HCG diet also helps with carb and sugar cravings, and helps get rid of food addictions.   So this is again fairly straightforward, the HCG diet involves subcutaneous tiny, tiny injections with a tiny insulin needle. This involves one tiny injection per per day for about 25 to 50 days. Occasional patients who really cannot inject themselves may decide to use a sublingual HCG, but in my experience, the sublingual HCG is not as effective as the injectable.

Now of course the HCG doesn’t work by itself, it needs to be combined with a very low calorie diet, but the good news is that these patients are NOT hungry. The vast majority are not hungry at all; the appetite is very suppressed. First of all, on HCG diet you do get to eat an abundant volume of vegetables.   It’s a little bit boring, but as far as being hungry, patients do not complain of hunger. And the other factor is that while the fat is burning, the appetite is very suppressed. It is really a very remarkable weight loss program, and I’ve have many patients with great success on this.

All of my patients getting copy of my own copyrighted HCG Diet Dairy and Food Tracker.   I’ve put this together for my patients. It’s a step-by-step process where there’s a diary page on every for every day that you’re on the diet. And it’s essentially a checklist, and it guides you through all of your meals and your snacks, and you basically can check of what you’ve eaten, and keep track of your calories. It really helps patients get through the weight loss process.

So if you’re interested in learning more, my location is at GreenSquare Center for the Healing Arts. Our address is 6789 North Green Bay Avenue.   We are located in Glendale, Wisconsin, and our phone number is 414-395-4622.  Call anytime to schedule a complimentary fifteen-minute consult. You can either do that consult on the phone with me, or in the office. I’d be happy to review your individual symptoms with you; your individual situation, your labs, and so on, and give you my opinion as to what your next step should be.


Dr. Susan Riegg, MD is the top expert in Bioidentical Hormones and HCG Diet / Medically Managed Weight Loss in the State of Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Glendale, and Mequon.  Call today to get all of your questions answered!